Course curriculum

  • 1

    Don't ask - Don't tell

    • Outline of the resource

    • How to use the resource

    • What is LGBTI cultural safety?

    • Don't Ask - Don't Tell Policy

    • Jan's film

    • Historical context

    • Power imbalances

    • Staff attitudes and organisational leadership

    • Key messages and actions

    • Guidelines for workshop faciliators

    • Power point for workshop facilitators

    • Further resources

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Social proof: testimonials

June Lowe

Former Chair, GRAI Perth

A clear and concise guide that is both foundational and developmental - invaluable for those embarking on their inclusivity journey and for those already well en route. This easy-to-follow tool will put, or keep, your organisation on the right track for giving best care to LGBTI elders: although simply presented, it offers wise insights and clear directives for individual and organisational action. Love it - thanks Celebrate Ageing.

Sam Edmonds

Director, Ageing with Pride

If you want to understand why you don’t have “any of those people” in your service (even though you do), and want to know how to change your policy of “don’t ask-don’t tell” to one of being culturally inclusive and safe for LGBTI people, then I highly recommend this resource to you.

Robyn Lierton

Community Engagement and Diversity Manager ECH, South Australia

What a wonderful resource! You have created a clear guide for health providers on how to provide an LGBTI inclusive service and the effects of subtle or overt LGBTIphobia. The resource encourages self-reflection and provides clear steps on how to create a culturally-safe environment for LGBTI people.

Heath Reed

Heath Reed, Ageing & Aged Care Project Officer, National LGBTI Health Alliance

Don’t ask – Don’t tell drills into the core of what many LGBTI people experience in care environments. Don’t ask - Don’t tell is simple but poignant, informative yet concise and very user friendly.