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Dr Al Power MD

by Author's name

Anne and Edie. I want to tell you how inspired I was by Mr Velvet Ears. Anne I’m inspired by the way you have navigated this journey together. Edie I’ve been inspired by your strength and resilience in making this difficult life choice. Anne the amazing support, continuity and empowerment you have given to Edie; and love and support through this journey. to me it’s such a great example to viewers of how we can take life with dementia and bring it to a new level of love of relationship and of meaning throughout our lives. Thank you so much for what you have shared with the world.

Juliana Addison MP

Member for Wendouree

Insightful. Raw. Compassionate. Five Stars XXXXX

Dr Kerrie Shiell

Clinical Neuropsychologist

An important, moving and beautiful message. Thankyou to all involved in the movie for opening up this necessary conversation. A must watch for people living with dementia, their carers and the broader community.

Colleen Stewart


A story of love and caring. Of the seasons and emotions within a relationship. A story of letting go and holding on. A story for all carers who are strong one vulnerable the next. Carers whose tears are often hidden, emotions suppressed. The story of all carers...for all carers, families and friends. Well done Mr. Velvet Ears.